Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

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Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

With the increasing popularity of ductless mini splits, routine care and equipment maintenance are often overlooked. As with any heat pump or air conditioner, mini splits require regular, recommended maintenance.
While most tasks require professional service, the system owner easily performs others. The coils of both the indoor and outdoor units perform most efficiently when free of dust buildup and debris.
With almost constant airflow over the coils, it is important to maintain the coils so that they are free of the dust and dirt accumulation. Dirt build-up in the coils can decrease performance and comfort,
and by maintaining a system regularly, you can save energy and maximize the life of the system.

OUTDOOR UNIT: Keep the grass and vegetation trimmed within two feet on all sides of the outdoor unit, thus allowing unrestricted airflow across the coils. When mowing grass, avoid directing the discharge clippings towards the unit as this will quickly cover the coil’s fins and limit airflow. Carefully remove any leaves and debris lodged between the coil fins and the outer protection grill. Avoid placing lawn and garden ornaments, such as flags and banners, in close proximity to the unit where they might be drawn into the coil and restrict air flow.
Units located in dusty environments may need to be cleaned more often than others. A professional pressure washing procedure cleans coils and returns the unit to efficient operation. Please note that pressure washing is usually a professional service as use of a traditional pressure washer (one used to clean vehicles and siding) by the owner can quickly damage the fins on the coils and will most likely void any warranty.

INDOOR UNIT: Clean indoor filters as soon as you can see a layer of dust on the filter. For some homes, this means cleaning every few weeks while others can go a month or two between cleanings.
Most indoor mini split units have a front cover that can be lifted to remove the filters. Just remove, rinse with water and reinstall them. It usually only takes a few minutes and ensures adequate airflow.
During a routine maintenance visit, the indoor and outdoor unit coils are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust that may have slipped past the filter or that may have become stuck to the coils.
The refrigeration pressures are checked to ensure that there have not been any leaks and that the system is functioning as it should.

Most mini split manufacturers recommend an annual routine maintenance visit.
A well-maintained mini split results in lower energy costs and higher comfort.

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