Ductless Mini Splits – Professional Sales and Installation

Our Process Ensures Your Comfort and Satisfaction

Ductless Mini Splits – Professional Sales and Installation

Ductless Mini Splits – Professional Sales and Installation

Load Calculations

Every system design or proposal begins with a proper load calculation for the area to be heated or cooled. Software programs model the room loads and the correct system size can be selected based on the report.

EPA Certified HVAC Technicians

It is important for HVAC professionals to hold an EPA certification. Our technicians have taken the proper steps in EPA certification compliance and have a strong understanding as well as experience in refrigeration systems.

Our mini split technicians are factory trained by Fujitsu and have thoroughly studied and practiced best installation standards.

Nitrogen Purge

This process helps to remove moisture and dust that may be in the Freon lines during installation.

Pressure Check to 600 PSI

A pressure check is a critical part of the installation process and is performed using nitrogen. A proper pressure check minimizes the possibility of Freon leaks in the future saving you time and money. 

Triple Evacuation

This procedure ensures system longevity by removing the majority of moisture molecules from the Freon lines. 

Final Evacuation to less than 400 microns using a micron meter

It is critical to use the proper equipment to install ductless mini splits. Our installers use a micron meter during the evacuation process to ensure the proper vacuum has been achieved. 

Surge Protection

A surge protector helps to shield your ductless mini split from electronic damage due to power surges. With new computer technology that controls the operation of your mini split system and maximizes efficiency, it is important to protect the ductless system with a surge protector. Every system installed by EEI is equipped with a surge protector. 

Quality Customer Reviews

EEI is rated as one of the top Fujitsu installers and holds the Halcyon Dealer as well as the Elite Dealer status. Our satisfied customers live in Central PA. Read what they have to say.

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